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Content creation

My biggest content portfolio is clearly my day to day work on @angietutorials platforms, but there are many different paths a creator can take when it comes to working with content. Besides organic and paid ads, I am often part of bigger productions as a ‘content videographer’ on set, where I manage short video content production.


My favourite part of creating ads is brainstorming on the perfect script. I believe a good ad should never interrupt the entertainment experience of the viewer, but be inserted smoothly respecting the platform’s native format. I always ask what the precise objective of the campaign is, then create a piece of content that embodies both my creative format and the brand spirit. I always promote with an edutaining style, creating tutorials to show something new while promoting products and services I believe in.

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Angietutorials on set

I regularly travel to manage short video content on wonderful branded production sets (alongside videography and photography teams). Together with the team, we put together a proposal based on the brief, leaving some flexibility for last minute inspo, then I shoot with our models and edit in post-production. I truly love working as a team on set – check out some content shot for the Calzedonia Group.


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The digital world is constantly shifting consumers wants and needs as trends are changing, new songs go viral, algorithms are updated… Staying up to date has never felt so stressful which is why I can help you catch up and stay on track. Follow me to learn how to master content creation techniques, or get in touch for coaching or speaking opportunities. I can show your team how to find a creative format, show up authentically and consistently, jump on trends strategically and work with creators.