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As a content coach my role is to guide teams through the journey of finding their voice online. I give practical workshops and organise personalised feedback sessions for brands who wish to create engaging short video content

What does a content coach do?

I first fell in love with content coaching when TikTok invited me to their “Creators In Residence”; in real life presentations where we partner to introduce the platform to brands and agencies. I could talk for hours about what makes great short form branded content, and I always like to end my speech with practice. Since then, I have had the privilege to coach in many different industries; from beauty to tech, automotive, fashion, music and f&b. Together with their teams I work to build a content structure that speaks the language of the platform. In 2023, I was called to be part of the Italian jury of the TikTok Ad Awards, to give feedback on more than a thousand TikTok campaigns created by brands from all over the country. This unique experience brought me even closer to the world of branded content.

Whether it is organic content posted on the brand profile, brand-creator collaborations or simply finding a structure for creating consistently overtime, the best results always come by trial and error. After years of studying viral content, creators, and products, I can confidently say that with the right approach and mindset, any brand could benefit from the amazing opportunities that the online world offers today.

Wonderful brands I have had the honour to coach:

Wonderful brands I have had the honor to coach

My experience as a judge in the 2023 TikTok Ad Awards

Being part of the jury for such a prestigious award taught me a lot. For days, I had the opportunity to give feedback and vote on hundreds of branded TT campaigns created by agencies and companies from all over the country. My experience as content coach allowed me to identify the most native campaigns and evaluate performance using the award ranking criteria. During the ceremony, I had the chance to present the Small Business category award together with Alessandro Cattelan; another TikTok dream came true!


Let’s dive into what my clients say about my work:

Coaching case studies

I always advise to proudly share your day-to-day work, here is mine:


Let's work on your content

The digital world is constantly shifting consumers wants and needs as trends are changing, new songs go viral, algorithms are updated… Staying up to date has never felt so stressful which is why I can help you catch up and stay on track. Follow me to learn how to master content creation techniques, or get in touch for coaching or speaking opportunities. I can show your team how to find a creative format, show up authentically and consistently, jump on trends strategically and work with creators.